“The Largest sapphire which we have reported on.”

Kenneth Scarratt, AGTA Lab Director, Formerly with Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences, and former Director of the Gemological Association and Gem Testing Laboratory of Great Britain.

“This Crystal is the largest single piece of gem quality sapphire that I know of... it is very rare to see such a large piece of such good color.”

Marcus McCallum, FGA, London

“It's the biggest I've ever seen – the size is exceptionnal. Its meaning to the gemstone world is a dream – it is a thing dreams are made of.”

Christian Dunaigre, Gubelin Gemological Laboratory, Lucerne Switzerland, Formerly with Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences.,

“The find of a lifetime.”

JewelSiam, July 1996

“It's definitely gem-grade sapphire, a fine gem blue color... Other famous blue sapphires cannot compare in terms of size weight and quite possibly color.”

Gary duToit, Center for Gemstone Testing, Formerly with Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences

“The current largest cut sapphire is a 9,719.5 carat star.”

Guinness book of records

“Another exceptionally large sapphire to reach the market in recent years was a 150.467 carat octogonal cut gem of deep blue color and exceptional clarity. It was set surrounded by diamonds and sold at auction in Geneva in November, 1995 for US $3 million. ”

“The largest carved sapphire sold at auction was a 375 carat piece sold in 1970 by Christie's, Geneva, for US $220,000.”

“The previous largest carved sapphire is "The Link", which weighs 53,085.375 carat (10.62 kg or 23 lb. 6.5oz.). It was carved by Richard V. Sipe of Conover, North Carolina, USA. ”


The Millennium Sapphire